Clarinet Bb Ligature – Glassy Cristaline

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This Glassy crystalline ligature for Bb Clarinet offers excellent overtones, it is easy to issue and thanks to its material you will obtain an incredible projection in your sound. Designed with parallel guides for the adjustment of the reed and 3D printed with best quality material, finished by hand. You can also customize it with your name or initials. Choose your mouthpiece and reed configuration options.

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A resistant ligature with natural transparency and great adaptability between the reed and the mouthpiece thanks to its design with lateral guides for a perfect fit.
Thanks to its resin material you will obtain an excellent sonority and great projection.
Available in different sizes for different mouthpieces such as Vandoren B40, Backun Vocalise and CG Plus.
3D printed with the highest quality material and hand finished.
Ecological photosensitive resin plant-based, it is a biodegradable and compostable material, with a high density and extra resistant.
Translucent crystalline.

Do not expose to direct sunlight for long periods of time as the material may discolour.

Always place the ligature in the same position to fit your ligature.Do not expose to extreme temperatures and/or abrasive substances.
This design is protected and registered in the OEPM office.




Color Resina

Translucent Crystal clear finish

3 reviews for Clarinet Bb Ligature – Glassy Cristaline

  1. Daegyun Kim

    It is a real stuff!!!!!!

    These are the 3 best ligatures I’ve tried so far. Considering the price, this is top. Excellent performance at an unbelievable price. This is especially recommended for professional musicians and serious students. The responsiveness of staccato and blowing is greatly improved.

  2. Kunqi

    I bought three types, ceramic, ebony and transparent. I like them very much, especially the ceramic, which is perfect when playing piano notes. Recommend to everyone

  3. Paul

    The Glassy Cristaline ligature produces a wonderfully energetic response and a rich expressive tone with my preferred mouthpiece and brand and strength of synthetic reed. This ligature outperforms the many other ligatures that I have tried with this mouthpiece and reed combination. It has even given me renewed interest in some of my other mouthpieces.

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