Clarinet Ligature Pure White Ceramic – Sib

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The most elegant of our Diamond ligatures has a deep black colour and is printed in 3D with carbon fiber polymer, an extremely resistant and light material with a very soft touch. A black diamond that leaves no one indifferent.

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Pure White Ceramic es una abrazadera para Clarinete Sib impresa en 3D con polímero de Cerámica, es muy resistente y de tacto suave, de elegante color blanco mate, y con un diseño interior que incluye dos guías paralelas para mejorar la sujeción de la caña del clarinete, obteniendo una gran resonancia, una proyección del sonido increíble y excelentes armónicos.

ligatures have been tested with Vandoren mouthpieces. If you need your ligature to fit other sizes, models or brands, you can send us a message using this form and we will manufacture yours to measure 🙂
This polymer is composed of a mixture of ceramic powder with PLA, is very resistant and firm, thanks to its content of ceramic material has a super soft touch and its colour is pure white.
Always place the ligature in the same position to fit your ligature.Do not expose to extreme temperatures and/or abrasive substances.
This design is protected and registered in the OEPM office.
Dimensions 37 mm



Ceramic Polymer


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