Clarinet Barrel Onyx Resin – Bb / A

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For the most exigent clarinet players, a barrel with perfect intonation, good projection and easy articulation in the whole register, very homogeneous and easy to play. Very versatile and adaptable to any style, both for classical music and popular music. Made with photosensitive biological resin and with the best 3D printing quality, hand finished for a perfect fit with your instrument. You can choose between black or translucent colour.

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If this product does not have the options you are looking for, whether material or size, or if you want to ask a question about the options available, you can use this form to make your request specifying in mm the size you need and/or the material options and we will send you an answer in less than 24H.

After four years of research in 3D printing with different materials we have achieved the best clarinet barrel, without envying any current wood in the manufacture of these, brings together all the features in a single barrel, with a good density and a very sweet sound. Thanks to its material it does not crack or split, increasing its durability, made with sustainable materials without using protected woods. Choose the size for your Bb / A Clarinet, or ask us for your custom size, You can also combine it with this Glassy or Diamond Black Carbon ligatures.

If you want to know how the Clarinet barrel 3D print adventure began, visit our  our blog🙂

The sizes available in the shop for this barrel range from 63 mm to 67 mm

If you need your barrel to fit special measures, models or brands of clarinet, you can send us a message using this form and we will manufacture yours to measure 🙂

Ecological photosensitive resin plant-based, it is a biodegradable and compostable material, with a high density and extra resistant.

Do not expose to direct sunlight for long periods of time as the material may discolour. Do not expose to extreme temperatures, fire or abrasive substances.

This design is protected and registered in the OEPM office.




Clarinet Type

Bb, LA

Barrel Size

40 mm, 40.5 mm, 41 mm, 41.5 mm, 42 mm, 42.5 mm, 43 mm, 43.5 mm, 44 mm, 44.5 mm, 45 mm, 63 mm, 64 mm, 65 mm, Custom Size

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  1. Benno

    The barrel looks, feels and plays great! A really high quality item. Adding some beef to the tone, improving intonation. With Alejandro’s patient help I finally got exactly the barrel I needed. It fits perfectly. At this price point I think it’s a real bargain and kinda no-brainer compared to other well known brands. Thanks very much!

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