Saxophone End Plug Grana – Alto / Tenor

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This exclusive Vientos Vintage design includes a 2g deposit with natural cork grease. Geometric pattern. Available in 3 colors.

  • * Saxophone type
    * Wood Color

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Saxophone End Plug printed with 100% biodegradable Wood PLA. This exclusive Vientos Vintage design includes a cork grease deposit with 2g. of natural grease. Designed and manufactured by Vientos Vintage, using FDM printing methods and hand finishing. Geometric pattern design.
All our End Plugs have been tested and are compatible with Selmer, Yamaha and Jupiter saxophones. If you need your plug to fit other sizes, models or brands of saxophone, you can send us a message using this form and we will manufacture yours to measure 🙂
Wood polymer comes from a mixture of PLA with natural wood fibres and particles, which allows us to treat them in the same way in the finishes and offers wood properties such as feel and finish. It is 100% biodegradable and highly resistant to impact.
To keep your End Plug in optimum condition and work properly, do not forget to apply a little grease on the cork or rubber o-rings before using it for the first time. Keep it away from extreme temperatures, fire or abrasive liquids.
This design is protected and registered in the OEPM office.
Weight 20 g
Dimensions 33 × 48 mm


Saxophone Type

Alto, Tenor

Saxophone Size

M (Medium), S (Small)


Wood Polymer


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