Clarinet mouthpiece protection flexible cap – Fresh Mint Flavoured

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A Flexible Clarinet Mouthpiece Cap with Color and Fresh Mint Aroma to protect your Clarinet reed and mouthpiece, designed to fit perfectly to any mouthpiece model, is 3D printed with flexible material flavored with a delicate fresh mint odor that eliminates the annoying smell of moisture in the reeds.

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A mouthpiece protector that is compact, light and different. Designed to adapt perfectly to any model of mouthpiece -ebonite or metallic- and to any ligature protecting the mouthpiece and the reed from blows, dirt or scratches. Manufactured with 3D printing with flexible material.

And if you like colour, you might prefer one of these Clarinet Mouthpiece Caps, with 12 colours to choose from 🙂

Flexible TPU flavored with fresh mint, the intensity of its aroma has a durability of approximately 2 years. It is a strong material, soft to the touch, washable and resistant to common solvents such as alcohol.
This design is protected and registered in the OEPM office.



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